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Best way to use Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Let’s talk a little more about the new Skype for Business, which as it will bring more productivity.

In a very efficient way for your organizations this is because on a national scale a precondition is a communication platform that can bring all the trust that already existed in our platform now with the Skype interface to facilitate user interaction with the tool.

Skype for Business can improve employee productivity in the company.

When we think about productivity what Microsoft has been offering to the market is the platform.

And when it comes to the platform, we are talking about Windows Office and that will work in an integrated way to bring more productivity to solve the Skype for Business issue, sometimes this platform can make it easier for example.

How will you get a person inside and have a corporate directory or when do you need to find someone with a particular role within the company.

How Skype for Business Can Help Reduce Business Costs

This I know that Skype For Business can really help a company reduce its costs by thinking very straightforwardly about the cost of travel fuel air tickets.

Not to mention especially the time people spend moving around offering a tool where people are already familiar with the product we’re talking about Skype for Business and has no technical complexity to operate this cost reduction happens in a very transparent way.

Operational facilities using Skype for Business

But today companies are concerned with reducing process complexity by increasing the number of functionality for employees to automatically assemble by increasing complexity.

This coupled with not reducing costs but increasing again talking a lot about platform as we speak of Microsoft.

We are talking about a communication platform and this platform you already offers video conferencing instant messaging telephony.

Reduce and even eliminate telephony costs by using Skype for Business

Skype for Business

So all this being within a single platform reduces the complexity of administration, despite having a segregation of function and lower telephony costs.

With Skype for Business I have much more effective employee communication and my datacenter cost because I don’t have what there are no management niches today that I have to do for telephony videoconferencing is not all within one platform.

Microsoft must disclose something that does not yet exist in the corporate market that is a cloud where I can have my entire communication and collaboration platform integrated without any internal infrastructure installed inside my company.

There is also the issue of conference room size today a Skype for Business platform already has the possibility of having conference rooms for up to 150 people but thinks of it as a 10,000 person conference room for large events.

So if I am a company and I want to expose my content I want to make a broad scale disclosure.

Get to know the advantages of Skype for Business

I already set this possibility also within the Skype for Business platform let’s show a little of Skype. What is the first thing we are going to show how I can start a text communication. So I have Skype here.

As I commented earlier it has a very similar interface to Skype that. So today as we use it in our homes, to make phone calls and text conferences we all have a very similar view on Skype for months.

I will open my contact list here and I will send a text message. And from that moment we will start a video call with a click or Cora to call the guys. Only.

Well come on I think we need one more person here at this conference.
I also think we’ll call Olavo here again.

For me these contacts see that his presence sensor is available. I will drag him into my Conference screen.

We’re here doing a presentation with Skype for Business and we’ll include it so you can attend a little bit too and we can’t record a meeting so people who can’t participate online with us can attend later.

Yes this is a very interesting feature of Skype for Business, when you have three or more participants, ie it is not a peer to peer connection it enables a function to record the session being made.

And when I talk about recording the session first the first concern is all people being the information being made an important recording, for the privacy point of view and not only audio only video or text only.

All available resources are recorded so that they can then be published within a portal or even shared with people interested in that particular subject.

Interesting in Skype for Business is how much the presentation is there is the possibility of presenting a vent there for others or sharing another full screen presentation to make it a little more dynamic.

An interesting thing is that when we talk about screen sharing and presentation which are two distinct things about screen sharing effectively.

I will show what’s on my screen to someone else so that they can collaborate with me to help me with any questions they have and Whatever the software is, it can interact with what I am showing on the screen.

The PowerPoint Presentation I make an appeal where you have seen my presentation to the servers you post and it is optimized so that these presentations are made with all the experience you can provide.

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So all the effects of that presentation all the transitions are all maintained so that the experience for the presenter watching the presentation is the same as the one watching locally.

How to make a good presentation with Skype for Business

Skype for Business

So let’s do a presentation with Skype for Business, as you can see we can publish this presentation and remember when I commented the recording of the session that is being made this presentation will also be part of the recording.

That is, I do not need to share a separate package of an audio video. I don’t have all the resources together.

Well missed a slightly more generic version there are other features I can use.

There are a few features I will start with the annotation feature that this use of annotation reminds us that in our section I commented on integration with the Office suite.

So we are talking about Skype for Business with a platform where they have an entire integration and this integration is kept in escarp bytes as we can use our hangout to take notes.

See how interesting it is when we take notes using One Note by calling him on Skype for Business.

So when I open One Note it will already show the content of this meeting. Who are the participants. I simply put the notes on this meeting that I find interesting to put. So that makes it easier because I don’t have to again know who the email address people are etc.

I’ve got it all from the moment I open the notebook through the reformers so they’ve shot another interesting feature we have is Boyd.

Why we think good stuff is interesting. You can make sure you are much more interactive.

This is a whiteboard concept where everyone or the person the presenter allows can interact either by writing a text or using a marker or other types of symbols that can facilitate communication and a presentation is being made.

Another very interesting point is voting because voting is important within a presentation. Through them you can have online a satisfaction survey of the people who are participating in this presentation.

And the interesting thing is that you will keep a history of all the presentations that were made through the recording is more a matter of voting.

You will know which sessions had the best approval rating. The ones that didn’t go so well. Anyway not only are questions regarding approval, but you can ask any kind of question.

So here is the name of the vote is also simple the session was good yes no maybe my vote automatically when I post new content I am the presenter.

It will overwrite the previous content. So here I already have one for everyone who is participating.

From the moment I clicked on one of the options automatically I already see as presenter the voting people that people are conducting one year so I have today three positive votes personal brigade.

And I could have here for example one maybe. It automatically calculates the percentage and amount of votes.

Did not have. Now let’s say that the presenter of the meeting wants to get the audience to the people attending the meeting is dumb if only the outsiders disturb the meeting. That is possible, yes.

We have here a top count of participants and your audience on the participant list will display everyone inside that presentation and below I have participant actions that I can do.

I can leave them at all. I can say that this presentation will not have Instant MSG ie it will not have text messages.

I can take everyone’s video so if it’s not interesting for everyone to share videos only the presenter I can do that too sometimes I’m giving a presentation to a large audience or a mixed audience where I don’t want people to see the names of other people who are in the session.

So I can hide those names too, and I can also turn everyone inside that session into five former participants. In case I gave a presenter permission for any of them it was not.

So as you can see here on Skype for Business a phone call was answered the microphone was not muted.

The presenter can mute everyone to prevent the session from being messed up because it is being recorded or because it is bothering other people who are watching this presentation.

So taking a ladder to attract the audience was all she was. After all people would like to ask questions and closed with the question and answer feature.

This kind of meeting is this. It is very interesting because it makes life much easier for both the presenter and the moderator.

Because what he adds to this function is called questions and answers. In another Skype for Business session so the person can ask the question how much the presenter or moderator answers these questions then I will show you how this is possible again.

As soon as you post new content be it a parent point a vote or questions and answers. Automatically the previous content is overwritten by this new content.

So I’m here waiting for some questions to be asked. I just published what n so we got two questions.

Very nice. Another very interesting thing is how we can communicate with outside noises for example Skype is what we use at home. So I have here a list of external contacts.

I will enjoy to send message to my Skype I just sent the message I can see this message here and not only the message that I get audio and video too. Peer to Peer with Skype.

And lastly we leave the most important part of the whole telephony platform. Just like in Skype it consumes where you have ease of access from anywhere you simply need it.

The Skype app installed to make phone calls escape bis when it is your corporate telephony platform you can make calls through it wherever you are without the need for additional complex infrastructure connections or even usability that does not bring a good user experience.

So to make a call is very simple I have here a telephone keypad. I simply dial a number. He already identified that it is part of my list of Google but only.

Look the valley was alright we’re here today demonstrating the telephony capabilities that Skype has.

Can you hear me perfectly my voice is fine. Puts that for me it was clear that I was not in place a phone as a cool channel Valeria cool thank you for participating and thank you.


That’s all, folks. This brings me to the Skype for Business demo and we will continue with our presentation.

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